Avoa is a minimalist chair created by Brazil-based designer
Pedro Paulø-Venzon. The motivation for the development of the Avoa Chair
is autotelia, the autonomous design discourse. The challenge was to
think of an object as a quote, a resumption of the minimal elements that
form a chair: small seat, economical design, and delicate balance.

Plain Sofa

Plain Sofa is a minimalist sofa created by South Korea-based
designers ALOF. The sofa comes in either a three-seater variation,
or a one-seater, and is constructed in oak wood, polyester
fabric, and duck down within the seat and arm rest.

Throne Chair

Throne is a substantial yet delicate armchair. Made from powder-coated
industrial readymades, it is carefully welded together to reveal its significant
graphical shape and minimalistic construction.